Hewett Family - 1881 British Census

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This page contains information from the British census conducted on Sunday, 3 April 1881.

The first family below is of William Hewett, who emigrated to New Zealand in 1882. Then follows the families of his siblings. Below that, there is the family of Robert and Elizabeth Gainsford (she is William's daughter) who also came to NZ.

Also on this page is the family of John and Robina Penney. Their granddaughter Maggie married William's grandson William Norman Hewett in New Zealand in 1915.

Dwelling: High Street Poplar House
Census Place: Harlington, Middlesex, England
William HewettHeadGrocer employing 1 manM53MGt Marlow, Buckingham
Elizabeth HewettWifeM58FMelkplash, Dorset
Samuel HewettSonGrocerU21MHarlington, Middlesex
Henry S GainsfordGranson2MNorwood Green, Middlesex
Alice E ReevesServServantU24FBradford, Wiltshire

Dwelling: 1 Magdala Villas
Census Place: Twickenham, Middlesex, England
Susan HewettHeadRetired StationerU59FGt Marlow, Buckingham
Mary Ann HewettMotherW85FAmerica
Mary Ann HewettSisterU60FGt Marlow, Buckingham
Elizabeth HewettSisterU53FGt Marlow, Buckingham
Mary Ann WrightServServantU17FDroitwich, Worcester

Dwelling: 71 Abingdon Road
Census Place: Kensington, London, Middlesex, England
James H HewettHeadWine Merchant (empl 2 men)M48MGt Marlow, Buckingham
Rosanna HewettWifeM49FGt Marlow, Buckingham
Henry G HewettSonW & Spirit AsstU22MBayswater, Middlesex
Thomas S HewettSonW & Spirit AsstU20MBayswater, Middlesex
Sarah CurtisCousinM34FGt Marlow, Buckingham
Arthur W CurtisCousin18mMEaling, Middlesex
Emily BennServServantU18FTwickenham, Middlesex

Dwelling: 69 Abingdon Road
Census Place: Kensington, London, Middlesex, England
Samuel HewettHeadGrocer (2 men 1 boy)M44MGt Marlow, Buckingham
Fanny I HewettWifeM44FBlaithfield, Stafford
Fanny I HewettDaurU18FLondon, Middlesex
Clara L HewettDaurU9FLondon, Middlesex
Rose ToomerServServantU18FStockbridge, Hampshire

Dwelling: The Leasowe, Battledown
Census Place: Charlton Kings, Gloucester, England
George Edwin HewettHeadSilk mercer merchant, cabinet manufacturer, empl 300 handsM41MGt Marlow, Buckingham
Jessie HewettWifeM31FPlymouth, Devon
Walter Pearse HewettSonScholarU5MCheltenham, Gloucester
Maud Mary HewettDaurU3FCheltenham, Gloucester
Beatrice Margaret HewettDaurU2FCheltenham, Gloucester
Gilbert SP HewettSonU1MCheltenham, Gloucester
Fanny Wilmina ColsonVisitorArtists Daughter (Painter)U23FCheltenham, Gloucester
Elizabeth GreenServUnder nurseU16FPrestbury, Gloucester
Emma HeronServHousemaidU22FNorth Amberly, Gloucester
Emily HemusServUpper nurseW33FKings Norton, Worcester
Mary Jane CarterServCook (Dom)U28FLittle Dean, Gloucester

Dwelling: Norwood Green Farm
Census Place: Norwood, Middlesex, England
Robert H GainsfordHeadFarmer of 82 acresM30MEaling, Middlesex
Elizabeth GainsfordWifeM30FHarlington, Middlesex
Robert W GainsfordSonScholar6MNorwood, Middlesex
Charles P GainsfordSonScholar5MNorwood, Middlesex
Eleanor M GainsfordDaurScholar4FNorwood, Middlesex
Arthur H GainsfordSon7mMNorwood, Middlesex
Charlotte A AllanServGovernessU22FHaddington, Scotland
Mary GibbsBoarderScholar13FNew Cross, Kent
Amy G GibbsBoarderScholar7FHolloway, Middlesex
Harriet TaylorServServant18FLong Melford, Suffolk

Dwelling: High St
Census Place: Hanwell, Middlesex, England
Robert GainsfordHeadAuctioneerM54MActon, Middlesex
Lydia S GainsfordWifeM55FBrentford, Middlesex

Dwelling: Low Causeway
Census Place: Culross, Perth, Scotland
John K PenneyHeadSchoolmaster & RegistrarM53MFossoway, Perth, Scotland
Robina M PenneyWifeM50FEdinburgh, Scotland
Patrick R PenneySonDruggist & ChemistU25MCulross, Perth
Mary K PenneyDaurCertificated MistressU22FCulross, Perth
William PenneySonScholar14MCulross, Perth
Amelia PenneyDaurScholar13FCulross, Perth
Agnes HunterServServant17FPolmont, Stirling, Scotland

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