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This page is a list of the surnames on this site.

They are all names that I am researching. If you have more info on any of the people mentioned here, please let me know. Ditto if you have any suggestions where more info can be found. I am particularly interested in tracing the families back prior to their emigration out to New Zealand.

Berry, Alice (1887-1958)
Berry, Frederick (1844-1902)
Berry, Minnie Crane (1869-1941)
Berry, William Henry (1827-1909)
Clarke, Lucy (1858-1906)
Crane, Eliza (1831-1886)
Emms, William Robert (1833-1901)
Emms, Robert Henry (1876-1958)
Hewett, Elizabeth (1851-1926)
Hewett, Samuel (1859-1913)
Hewett, Thomas (1798-1879)
Hewett, William (1827-1925)
Hewett, William Norman (1887-1979)
Hiscock, Elizabeth (1822-1895)
Jones, Amelia Emma (1844-1902)
Keeling, Sarah (c1831-1909)
Morris, John Harper (1839-1894)
Morris, Ernest George (1882-1958)
Penney, Alexander (1853-1928)
Penney, John Kirk (1827-1898)
Roberts, Annie (1853-1938)
Roberts, Charles ( ? - ? )
Robertson, Robina Miller (1830-1891)
Shaw, David (1836-1933)
Shaw, Margaret (1870-1936)
Shipley, Mary (1812-1900)
Stevens, Mary Ann (1796-1887)
Stevenson, Margaret (1843-1919)
Wainwright, Charles (1833-1906)
Wainwright, Sarah Ann (1858-1936)
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